Why Open Commerce?

What Is Open Commerce?

E-Commerce Today

We can use an app like Grab, but your options are limited to what is available within this platform.
To find more options you need to use other apps like Uber and Deliveroo. Still, none of these apps will grant you access to services outside their own platforms.

Open E-Commerce Tomorrow

Same app Grab enabled by the Beckn Protocol plugin transforms into an open network.
Grab would connect buyers not only with the available options within Grab, but also offerings from various other providers, such as Uber, Deliveroo, and others

Buyers would compare options, negotiate prices and complete orders directly within the Grab app. 
Payment and fulfilment would be handled by the buyer’s choice of providers, with available options beyond those available within Grab, Uber or Deliveroo.  

Reimagining the Internet
with Open Networks

Open e-commerce networks reimagine the internet not just as a network for accessing information, where e-commerce takes place within closed platforms. Open networks are a new infrastructure designed to facilitate transactions in a way that is completely open for all businesses and consumers: empowering users, decentralising control, and enabling new innovative and diverse business models.

Key Benefits

Open commerce introduces competition and innovation to the platform-based economy. It is ‘the most exciting opportunity for business transformation in the world’.

Benefits for Business

Benefits For Consumers

Benefits For Government

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