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Carlos Montes (Lead – Cambridge Innovation Hub for Prosperity), Centre for India and Global Business, writes about a visit to India’s Silicon Valley to explore think tanks set up by Nandan Nilekani of Infosys.

A new Playbook from Cambridge Judge Business School on how developing economies can use digital infrastructure aims to provide a model for countries around the world.

An interview with Carlos Montes of Cambridge Judge, co-author of a recetn ‘Playbook’ on how developing economies can use digital infrastructure as a springboard to greater prosperity.

A new Brokering Trust to Accelerate Innovation framework developed at Cambridge Judge Business School helps launch development projects through an honest broker.

Featured publications

Mishra S., Jain N., and Menon R. (2024) How can market innovation be unlocked through Open Transaction Networks? World Economic Forum: Centre for Trustworthy Technology

Montes, C. and Prabhu, J. (2024) Playbook on nationwide digital infrastructure at the service of prosperity.

Montes, C. and Prabhu, J. (2023) La Infraestructura Digital Nacional al Servicio de la Prosperidad.

Prabhu, J. (2021) How should a government be? The new levers of state power. London: Profile Books.

Resources for Open Networks and Use Cases


What is Beckn



Imagine local retail with Beckn

Demonstration commerce transaction

Reimagining e-commerce policies through open protocols

Urban Transport

Urban transport with Beckn

Demonstration mobility transaction


Reimagining healthcare with Beckn

Sustainable Energy

Imagining energy with Beckn

Reimagining energy with Beckn: a simulation

Demo of unified energy interface, a Beckn open network.

Demonstration transaction for EV charging

Reimagining circular economy

Education and Skilling

Reimagining education and skilling

Technical videos on Beckn

You can explore use cases across sectors through the Beckn experience centre below

To deep dive into technical implementation of Beckn Protocol, explore the videos below

Open Networks as a digital marketplace  

Beckn Open protocol for commerce

Beckn ecosystem architecture

Specifications and support layer

Transaction layer

Implementing the Beckn Protocol  

API overview

Network topologies and current open networks    

Example retail transaction flow

Example final mile delivery transaction flow

Example transaction on an interactive UI

How to use Beckn in a box

Certification and compliance

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