Urban Transport and Yatri

Elevator Pitch


The taxi market is worth about USD 21bn a year and expected to rise to USD 40bn by 2029. Platform providers Ola and Uber have about 80% market share.
Taxi drivers find the commissions in these platforms high and that the platforms control access to customers. Customers have a limited choice, including the absence of intermodal transport options.


The Yatri app offers an alternative to existing platforms. It is an open platform that allows drivers to connect directly with customers. Underpinned by the Beckn e-commerce protocol, Yatri creates a market place, which is:

  • Open to all market participants, including incumbent platforms like Uber and Ola.
  • Digitalised for easy access using mobile phones.
  • Interoperable to enable access from other mobility apps.
  • Gives users control over their own information.

In the Yatri app, customers select taxi drivers of their choice without facing surge pricing, while drivers have control of their business model and do not pay high commissions for access to customers.

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Open Network for Transport

Source: Preliminary research carried out by Cambridge University, JBS. Please note that use cases are evolving.

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